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Parent Council
The Sumner School has an active Parent Council where ALL parents, families, and children are invited and encouraged to attend.  Attendees listen and discuss topics that are relevant and important to the school, our children, and parents/families.  Some of the topics discussed are:
  • Updates from Principal on Whole School Improvement Plan (WSIP), budget, policy change, etc.
  • Updates from Roslindale Pathways Advisory Group
  • Updates from Sumner Site Council Meeting
  • Special presentations from teachers and school group members
  • Updates and information from school partners
  • Updates and information about school events
  • Fundraising updates and requests for help
  • Volunteer opportunities for families to participate in school activities
  • School safety updates and discussions
All elected members have children currently attending the Sumner School and are excited to work to create and develop an engaged, active, and impactful Parent Council. 

The members of the Parent Council Team for school year 2016/2017 can be found in the document below titled:  PC Exec Team Board Members.pdf.

Meetings are held the monthly from 6-7:30 PM in the gymnasium of the Sumner School.  See the school online calendar for specific dates.  We provide free child care and pizza for the children.  Dinner is available for parents for a small donation.  We also have translation services. 

See below for Parent Council related documents. 

Parent Council »
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Templates
  •   budget 2017.pdf
  •   Parent Council Minutes 3-1-2017 Budget Presentation.pdf
  •   Parent Council Minutes 3-1-2017.pdf
  •   PC Exec Team Board Members.pdf
  •   Quality School Plan PC Pres 2017.pdf
  •   RPAG Minutes 021116.pdf
  •   SumnerPC_Handbook_V2.pdf