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News and Announcements

School on the Move Invitation

The Sumner has been invited to apply for the School on the Move Prize AGAIN!!! We are very excited to be one of eleven schools invited. This year we are going to take the big $100K prize because we are the best!

For a 2nd year we have been invited to apply for the School On The Move Prize! We are very honored to have this opportunity, not just once, but twice!  The invitation is solely based on our growth in our MCAS scores.  We are a Level 1 school!  This year, 11 schools have been invited to apply. The application process is based on our efforts to increase our MCAS scores.  The intention of the top prize of $100,000 is for the winning school to continue the work they have been doing, and $20,000 of the award is to be used to distribute their best practices to other schools.